Munchiez "A Unique Catering Joint"

Munchiez is now bringing the best sandwiches in Boca Raton to our Soflo family. Our Creative sandwiches, burgers, salads, and wraps will now have your event the talk of the town. With an array of unique hot and cold platters guests will enjoy freshly cut deli meats, in house breaded chicken breast, in house roast beef and many more delicious items made and prepared to perfection.


*All orders should be called in 72 hours before the date of the event, unless other wise agreed apon.


Small Tray

Feeds 10-20

Large Tray

Feeds 20-30+

Caesar Salad

Pack Your Own Bowl


Pasta Salad

$ 70.00

$ 70.00


$ 50.00

$ 130.00

$ 135.00


$ 100.00


Party Subs

Per Foot

Available in 3', 6'

Roast Beef


Big Worm

Big Weezie*

Pink Floyd*




Brownies- 24

Coffee Cake


*Served Hot

$ 42.00

$ 40.00

$ 48.60

$ 46.60

$ 42.00




$ 50.00

$ 65.00

FAU's Phi Delta Theta

FAU's own Phi Delta Theta fraternity hosted one of their prominent parties with us! It was a great turn out of over 60+ people. Dj Tandim rocked the turn tables as the fraternities members, as well as potential new members, induldged in our world famous subs and S.M.A.C. Four of our subs the Pink Floyd, Big Weezie, Roast Beef, and Big Worm were served to perfection. We ended the night with the first ever Jeffrey eating contest in which contestants took on the 4 pound monster.

Fast Car Fridays

Munchiez and Fast Car Industries teamed up for their premier event, Fast Car Fridays. They enjoyed our unique platters of both cold and hot sandwiches freshly made and sliced for a party of over 100 clients and car enthusiasts. They also enjoyed our home made Italian Pasta Salad and freshly made Brownies. Thanks to FCI for allowing Munchiez to be apart of such a great event!  FastCarIndustries

It's Owl Time!

FAU's newest authentic and custom FAU apparel and accessory store opened up with a bang! Conviently located next to Munchiez, It's Owl Time ordered large platters of our cold and hot sandwiches along with our world famous S.M.A.C. The grand opening catered to 50+ guests from all over the South Florida area. NO catering event is to large call today to have your event catered with the best sandwiches in Boca Raton!